Liza and Takis’ vision

Liza Morfoniou and Takis Aspiotis, the creators and souls of this very destination hotel, are taking care of, from the smallest detail to satisfy every desire of yours that will make your escape unique and once in a lifetime experience. ‘’It took countless hours of work, many craftsmen from different places of Greece and endless hours of organization in order to create Aigis Suites, which is visible in every corner. Rocks were carved, furniture was designed, gardens were created until we reached its current image that justifies us. Beyond our own passion, many of our good friends/family also contributed to the final result, you can enjoy today.’’
Alekos Fassianos
Alekos Fassianos ,the great Greek painter, has honored his eight-year friendship with the Aspiotis’ family back in 2007, by proposing to become the artistic godfather of this new “jewel” of Greek hospitality and designing the logo of the hotel. He named the hotel “Aigis”, which in Greek means “under the care/ protection” because he knew very well that the Aspiotis’ family will always be great hosts of the Greek hospitality in all aspects of life and creators of a unique place that will include all these elements that contributed as well the base of Alekos’ own creations — the balance of luxury in simplicity, the usage of earthy materials and the emphasis at the customs of the local culture and traditions.

 The alphabet of hospitality starts with the greek word of love ‘ΑγαπΏ’ that begins with the letter A and finishes with the letter Ω.

The story begins in 1995 when Aspiotis family returns to the roots of origins of Liza Morfoniou’ mother in Kea and opens the legendary hub “Astra” (Stars) at the beach of Gialiskari;

A family business that initially started for 40 days of work and pleasure on the magical beach that eventually became a reference point on the island. The guest felt like going to a big party at a friend's house by the sea.


As our kids were getting olderthey were asking for their place to hangout and we created the AFRO (Foam) COCKTAIL BAR, a cozy all day bar with great music choices.


Completing 17 years of love for the island, we celebrated our anniversary by passing the legendary “T’Astra” beach bar to the new generation and we created our own true fairytale of hospitality, Aigis. A very special, then, cottage with bohemian-chic ambience was born. The construction was completed in just nine months and Aigis is born.


Our wish to express and create through music and delightful flavors, as well as to share the magical panoramic view from the pool with old and new friends, contributed to the opening of Aigis for outdoor guests by creating the AIGIS SUNSET BAR RESTO. A bar-restaurant based in the Aegean cuisine in which we create memories with the ones looking for the authentic Greek tastes and entertainment.


As the years passed by, we created strong friendships with creators, and we gained tremendous experience in a lot of different fields of industry. Since Aigis is a 360 experience and a holistic concept, we felt the urge to pass by all that knowledge and create AIGIS PHILOSOPHY. A new platform/space in which all kind of talents can express and recreate, along with us, our philosophy, and our belief for the Greek hospitality on their own unique way. “Because we are not just another luxury accommodation”.


We welcome you again this year at Aigis. Liza, Takis, Anna and the whole Aigis’ team will introduce you to the real well-being of Kea Island. “Your home away from home” on the island that will always remind you that you have left something of yourself in the Aegean Sea.

They say that...
...if you dream anything more than once, it will become a reality...

The family you made or will make on the island and you will always remember that you have left something of yourself in the Aegean.
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