…and if you decide to escape from the world of Aigis Suites, for a while, we are here to introduce you to the magic of the island with the three letters, KEA. For a short or a longer distance, by donkey, by boat or jeep anything you like we will make you feel like explorers.

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Swim in the crystal-clear waters
experience 3
Dive in the famous shipwrecks
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Meet new "friends"
Rejuvenate the good old times
experiences 6
Hiking on ancient pathways
Spring : The Apocalypse
The biggest oak forest in the Mediterranean
experiences 9
Tamelo the 1st lighthouse in Cyclades
Ioulida, the mainland
experiences 11
The Alekos Fassianos’ atelier
Labyrinthine Alleys

Pristine beaches of the Aegean Sea with crystal-clear waters, fascinating sea depth with famous shipwrecks, archaeological monuments, ancient pathways that confirm the legends and they are waiting for you to discover them. We assure you that the best specialists have perfectly organized adventures that will be unforgettable.

Karthaia: One of the 4 ancient city-states in Kea island from 6th-4th century B.C.

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Cultural explorations, experiential seminars and unique breathtaking views will compose the album of your future memories at the Aegean Sea. Stories to follow, stories to live by.

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