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Vourkari Kea (Tzia) Cyclades, Greece


AIGIS SUITES is located in the picturesque marina of Vourkari in Kea- Tzia, at an only 60’ distance from Attica and 2,5km from the main port of Korissia, very close to the life of the island and at the same time far from the tourist noise, emerges as a natural extension of the hill overlooking Vourkari and the blue of Aegean Sea.


A beautiful fishing village, in the arms of the bay of Agios Nikolaos that retains its traditional color. During the summer months it bustles with life, welcoming the island’s regulars as well as dozens of sailing and pleasure boats, oll like a big group of friends having fun in the tasteful bars and restaurants. The nightlife of the whole island is here!! In the continuation of the bay, there are the ruins of the prehistoric settlement of Agia Irine, one of the most important cultural centers in the Aegean, the area of Kokka- the old port, the famous Strait of Katsonis and the route ends with the Lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos, from 1831, one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece and the first which operated in Cyclades.
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    Aigis boutique hotel
    “Aegis” will always be a place of storytelling of true hospitality with its colors, materials, textures, forms, every small design detail. Moonlit nights with traveling music and a family dining table where guests connect around taste and carefreeness.Next stop in the dream, next stop on the island with the three letters and the little paradise that always awaits you where the sun shines.