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The dream of Liza & Takis

Aigis Suites were the dream of Liza & Takis, the sole instigators and creators of this destination. A dream that was realised after countless hours of hard work and study from many craftsmen from all over Greece, taking care of every single detail in order to ensure that your stay at Aigis will be an experience beyond compare. Rocks and furniture were carved and gardens were landscaped to reach today’s unique setting.



Once upon a time, 12 years ago..

The first page of our story is written in 2007 in Vourkari, Kea, with the birth of “Aigis”.

Today, completing 12 years of hospitality love, we celebrate our anniversary, we narrate our true hospitality tale and invite you to relive a dream in your own home in the Aegean.

They do say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.

In Aigis, we, Liza Morfoniou, Takis Aspiotis, Anna, and our big family welcome you.

It is the family that you made on the island and each year is there reminding you that you have left something of yourself in this little blue dot on the map, the Aegean Sea.

You will find attached the story of our first 10 years which is just the beginning of this special journey with you.

We would be glad if you shared with us your very own Aigis memory while reading our book.


The famous painter Alekos Fasianos, honoring his fifteen-year acquaintance with the family, endorsing the visual cues around the hotel, knowing that Aspiotis family will represent the hospitality of Kea and seeing in the hotel all the elements that were the base of his own creations too-the balance of luxury in the simplicity, the earthy materials, the warm hospitality and the tradition of the local civilisation- he offers himself to become the artistic godfather of this new jewel of the Cycladic hospitality and creates the hotel logo.


We are delighted and honored to collaborate the season 2020 with the International Foundation for Greece. For all the direct reservations through our website will donate the 1% of the room rate to this honorable charity.The International Foundation for Greece has been founded in London by George and Aspasia Leventis, with the aim of developing an international network of support for groups of people facing serious problems during this difficult period of the economic crisis that our country is enduring.In an era when hotels redefine their operations, targeting to social benefits and embracing corporate social responsibility efforts, we are very happy for this co-creative initiative that will make you leaving our little paradise you feeling fulfilled that you contributed to such an important purpose    http://www.if-gr.org/gr/