9 Suites for the ultimate personalized hospitality

Choose between 9 different, uniquely decorated suites and live your personal dream from the Vithos to Ouranos, because we are all different… Enjoy your stay in a paradise of artistic refinement because we are all equal: Admire the same Aegean view from every point, relax on your private terrace, taste our cycladic breakfast and feel the real hug of Aigis’ family. .
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Junior Suite Coral

Watching Mikalto day and night from a private rooftop, and to enjoy the sun and the green, green lands from a large room, only possible in a grand superior room.

Superior Suite Vithos

A cinematic setting awaits you in Vithos suite. The protagonist is the illuminated rock that dominates behind the crystal in the dreamy open shower with an entire Aegean view. The built-in bed, as an extension of the stairs, divides the suite in two levels of evocative atmosphere. The hanging baskets at the entrance of the suite and the wood-carved, hand-crafted sunbed in the extension of the terrace, create the ideal place in which you will write your own summer scenario staring at the horizon.
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The deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the blue of the sky invade like a wave from the big windows opposite the canopied bed and from the open shower’s mosaic where the view is breathtaking. A few steps and you can “sink” into the comfortable poufs to enjoy the amazing moments of Aigis when they “bathed” in the warm colors of the sunset.
If we need to rename it we definitely would call it The View. Its windows stand on the four sides of the horizon like paintings of an impressionist painter. From the smaller and bigger windows you can discover the beauties of the island and from the corner terrace you can enjoy the life of Aigis and the Vourkari bay. The sun’s rays reflect on the space and make the golden details shining like the sand on the beach
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Grand Suite Asterias

The color white enchants. Here, the king size bed under the pure white fabric sky represents the luxury of simplicity. The artistic handmade creations from sea wood and shells define the importance in the detail. The glass window at the built-in bathroom invites you to enjoy the view of your suite even while taking a relaxing bubble bath. The big terrace with its macramé hammock and the fuchsia bougainvillea will become your favorite spot for your midday siesta.
Behind the artistic wooden door, the big terrace welcomes you to your shelter, in a space of absolute privacy. The images of Aegean Sea, the flowers and the fragrances will overwhelm you. The inside of the rock carved suite which is impressively displayed in the open shower, the stunning copper fireplace and the gossamer fabrics that frame the magnificent bed, combine the wild side of Cyclades with the warm Greek hospitality. A magical setting for you who adore contrasts.
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Afros Luxury Suite

If you were building in Kea in 1900, your home would be the suite Afros. This two-room suite is inspired by the local Kean architecture, with the whitewashed stone walls, the built-in sofas and the stone fireplace. The elevated built-in bed – a warm nest with a unique Aegean view and the handmade bathroom with forged copper elements. Every little detail takes you back in time. The exclusivity of suite Afros is the two terraces. One, well hidden by the big trees and the deep red bougainvillea is whispering to you that the sun goes down just for you while the other, next to the central pool cheer you up with cocktails and music for the most beautiful sunset on the island.
The dententrance, the large private green gardenwith the orange hibiscus shading the mini pool and the unlimited view to the Aegean Sea create the absolute relaxation shelter. Inside , the piece of art, hand made and carved on ivory bed and the fabric canopy, invite you to enjoy even from that spot the unique view between the embroidered linen curtains. The game of ‘’which bars to open’’ leads to big stone-built bathroom. The shower with the Aegean view is one more experience that you will enjoy in suite Votsalo. .
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Exclusive Suite Ouranos

Romance in balance with the endless Aegean view. The wood carved furniture, the laces and stone surfaces create a dreamy Aegean scenery with an extension to the big veranda where the sky and the sea meet and the absolute color blue takes you on a journey. Dive into the pool, relax and enjoy unforgettable moments with complete privacy.