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Luxury Spa in Kea

Revive your senses in the soothing ambiance of the spa and uncover the secrets of the Orient as they blend with the European culture and the aura of the Aegean Sea creating a setting of invigoration and high-energy for you to enjoy. Relax with exquisite therapies and spa treatments, take advantage of the beneficial properties of water and fully unwind with a soothing massage that will balance your mind, body and soul. Get rid of all anxiety and negative energy, open your chakras to a world of rejuvenation and well-being and experience the ultimate in wellness in a setting of pure inspiration.


Jacuzzi & Relax area:
Enjoy the power of the water as it falls on your body feeling the beneficial effects of a hydro massage. The perfect way to escape from the stress and the daily routine. The ideal preparation before the hamam.

Duce Aromatic:
After the hammam experience a cool shower, rich in perfumes and colors, all you need to fully relax and revive your senses in an ambiance of pure rejuvenation and wellness.

Body Peeling:
Salts impregnated with aromas of flowers of the forest and timber with scents of the Orient will travel you to the most idyllic destinations of the world. Indulge in a journey of well-being and reenergize your soul.



The perfect combination of professional massage and music from the deep Orient. A symphony of the senses lifting your spirit high, beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Antistress back massage:
Enjoy a beneficial twenty minutes’ massage for the back, the neck and the hands. Sooth your senses and calm your body and mind, drift into bliss and serenity of your surroundings.

Body Mask:
Moisturize your skin after sun exposure to avoid unwanted peeling. Instead of letting your skin dry let us bring back its natural glow, and a touch of the sun’s shimmer.

Anti-cellulite Massage:
Feel the euphoria and relief from feet to waist as you surrender yourself to the expert hands of our therapist. Embrace the spirit of well-being and rejuvenation to the fullest.



Begin your sun kissed mornings with scrumptious breakfast flavors prepared with the finest ingredients from our land. Watch the day unfold before your eyes and relish exceptional Mediterranean dishes under the open sky with the sea breeze caressing your face.  Relax by the shimmer pool or in the privacy of your veranda while sipping a refreshing cocktail in view of the azure sea. As the sun sets, enjoy a romantic dinner against the crimson painted sky or a candlelight dinner under the veil of stars and to the tunes of chill out music. Embark on a flavorsome journey of exquisite flavors and aromas that will tickle your taste buds and excite your senses.