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The island of Kea, the petite paradise of the Cyclades, is conveniently set only 1 hour from the cosmopolitan city of Athens. Due to its close proximity to Athens, the capital of Greece and the Athens international airport as well as its exceptional character, the island of Kea is an ideal choice for short breaks, family escapes and romantic getaways to cherish for a lifetime. Evoking the authentic warmth and hospitality of the Cyclades island complex, the island of Kea welcomes you to fully embrace its lively and joyful character or completely unwind in its dreamy environs.


The island of Kea is considered to be one of the 10 hidden treasures of the Mediterranean according to the Times. A natural island paradise with stone houses, forests of Oak trees, cobblestone alleys and secret wonders. Kea has one of the biggest path systems in the Cyclades. Trace the beauties of the past, discover the monuments, the monasteries and towers, marvel the Venetian heritage and the neoclassical architecture, sail to secluded beaches, uncover its natural treasures and marvel the British shipwreck “Britanic”, one of the biggest well-known shipwrecks of the world. Swim into the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, relish exceptional local delicacies at the island’s scenic taverns, and walk by the beach as the sun sets behind the hills. Open your eyes to the sun kissed mornings and relax while taking in the magical sunsets and the sublime views of your surroundings. Partake in a series of water sports adventures, surf and scuba dive in the cobalt Aegean. See Kea through our eyes and wake into a dream…



If you ever decide to leave the magnificent world of Aigis Suites we invite you to discover the island’s wonders with a series of adventurous excursions and sightseeing tours. Get ready to set off on a daily excursion, on a donkey, a jeep or a boat and explore the island’s treasures. Discover the remote beaches with the crystalline waters, the majestic seabed and archeological sites, follow the ancient paths and uncover the legends that surround the land. We would be happy to plan for you an amazing excursion to the island’s most significant sites and attractions. An excursion to cherish for the years to come.


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